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The Playlist

"Map of the Problematique" by Muse

This song has been my all-time favorite song since I was an angsty YA, so it is fitting that it inspired the beginning of Chapter 1. Imagine Chris, Randy, and John running on the rooftops and chasing the criminals to this song. I wrote that entire part of the chapter with this song blaring.

"Undisclosed Desires" by muse

Okay, yes, you caught me. I love Muse. This song best describes Joanie and Chris throughout the book. The magnetic push and pull of their relationship, the tension, and pulsing desire, it is all embodied in this song.

"And It Rained All Night" by Thom Yorke

I wrote Absolution: Book One in about three months. This song was on repeat throughout the writing process. Thom Yorke's music is a vibe throughout the book and I love the mood it put me in while I was writing.

"Best Part" by Nikki Reed and Paul MacDonald

This is another song that was on my writing playlist throughout those three months. It is such a beautiful song and embodies the beginning of a whirlwind romance when nothing matters but being with that person, even if you do not know much about them.

"Simmer" by Hayley Williams

No spoilers! Let's see if anyone can figure out what chapter embodies this song. Hint: Includes a tense scene with a lot of action.

"Closer" by Kings of Leon

I played this song a lot while wrapping up Book One and leading into the sequel.

"Alone Together" by Fall Out Boy

This song reminds me of the first encounters between Joanie and Chris. It is essentially the theme song for the beginning of their relationship.

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Absolution: Revelations
The Playlist

"For Me, It's You" by Lo Moon

"There's No Way" by Lauv and Julia Michaels

"Midnight City" by M83

"Irresistible by Fall Out Boy

"Heaven is a Hand to Hold" by Duncan Laurence

"Time is Running Out" by Muse

"Heat Seeker" by Dreamers and Grandson

"Bones" by Imagine Dragons

"Breath of Life" by Florence + The Machine

"World Collapsing" by Danny Cooke

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