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Hardcover Nostalgia

I am so excited to announce that a hardcover copy of Absolution is now available on I have partnered with Barnes and Noble ( to make this dream a reality. A limited edition signed hardcover copy can now be purchased for preorder through my website from September 17 - October 8, while supplies last. After that, the limited edition signed copies will no longer be available and hardcover copies will only be on sale through Barnes and Noble.

It may not seem like a big deal since the paperback and kindle formats have been available for weeks, but this one is personal for me. You see, every significant book fandom experience I’ve ever had started with a hardcover book. I love paperbacks and they line my bookshelves. I even understand the appeal of digital books, but hardcovers are just special.

They are more durable and act more like a keepsake for nostalgia than simply another book. It isn’t that you cannot gain such experiences with the other formats, but like I said…it is personal for me. Having my copy shipped to me from Barnes and Noble, a store I have frequented since I was a kid just searching down the aisles for the next universe to dive into, felt oh so right. My copy is nestled on my bookshelf and marks the first of what I hope to be many books to come.

You can get your signed hardcover to add to your bookshelf until October 8, while supplies last. I hope it brings you as much joy as hardcovers have brought me over the years. And remember, choose love. Choose duty. And maybe we can save our world in the process too.


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