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Sequels Are Fun.

There is just something about releasing a sequel. This series has been a long time coming. The idea for the Absolution Series started in 2009. I was just starting to embrace the fact that I was a writer by nature...and that in and of itself has been a journey. The first, original draft of Absolution came at a time when I was fresh out of college and trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life. I didn’t really know where I belonged or what I wanted. All I knew was that I was a nerd and geek and I loved fandoms.

I am a big believer in taking the things you are passionate about and making them work for you. It doesn’t matter if everyone in your life embraces it or not. There is always something for everyone. The great thing about fandom is that they are spaces for people to feel a sense of belonging. Fandoms have brought me into contact with so many amazing, beautiful humans from all over the world and continue to do that. Throughout the years, fandoms have allowed me to really embrace the parts of me I considered not so cool when I was a kid. Because of that, I always knew I wanted to give back to the fandoms that embraced me and the Absolution Series is my way of doing that. Escapism through reading fiction and different book series has been so important in my life, so it is amazing to know that now I have my own series to share with others.

As of today, more than 10,000 copies of the first book in the Absolution Series have been sold worldwide with a surprisingly growing following in Australia. Watching the fandom and following grow over the past year has been wonderful, but it really hit home when I had the sequel in my hands and was getting ready for the book launch party. Writing even one book is an accomplishment and so much work goes into it, but writing the sequel really has me living my best fandom geek life. I always knew it would be a series, but that idea in theory is now a reality.

I can’t wait for readers to finally get a chance to see what’s happening in this sequel. Absolution: Revelations officially comes out through Amazon on August 4 in paperback and Kindle formats. A signed copy of the new book is now available exclusively through my online store. Plus, the audiobook will be in production soon and out in time for the holidays. Thank you to everyone who bought the first book in the series and for all the amazing feedback and excitement for Revelations. Happy reading! More soon.


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