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I Did a Thing

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

So...I did a thing. My friends and family know that when I start a sentence off this way, I have decided to make a change in my life. Sometimes, that means moving across the country to explore new lands. Sometimes, that means diving back into my world as an academic to do research and contribute to ongoing conversations about life, popular culture, and all things fandom. And sometimes, I create.

The pandemic was/is an emotional rollercoaster that makes us as a society go through the stages of grief each month. Spoiler Alert: Acceptance never lasts long. However, this past year has made time for personal growth and creativity. When I was 23 years old, I fantasized about becoming an author and I wrote a thing. A thing I hoped to share with the world. Then, life got in the way. I traveled. I entered grad school. I got a lot of degrees and focused on the academic. It has taken me a few years on this journey, but I have finally decided to publish my series.

Absolution is a four-book fantasy/romance series about fulfilling destinies, the battle of good versus evil, and coming of age...and by age, I mean adulthood. This one is for all book nerds and fandoms who enjoy escaping into a universe of fantasy and romance, epic love and epic battles, supernatural powers, and the occasional witty remark. This is for the book lovers who spent their early 20's in that popular culture YA moment of worldwide book fandoms and film adaptations.

Let's face it, I'm just a millennial geek who loves fandoms and wants to give the audience a chance to embrace a new one. I am still a nerd and geek at heart. All I want to do is talk for hours about my favorite book with readers who love it just as much, so I did a thing and I hope you will enjoy it. This site is where I will post all things Absolution, from character information and behind-the-scenes tidbits about developing the book to playlists and places to catch up with me online. Thanks for reading. Thanks for listening. And remember, choose love, choose duty, save the world.


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